Vegans, please stop promoting Gary Yourofsky

The Joyless Vegan

It is unfortunate that a great many vegans are promoting Gary Yourofsky as some sort of hero for the animals. This violent, angry man spouts off regularly about what he’d like to do or see done to all the “evil” animal exploiters.

These “evil” people are his non-vegan friends and family, and yours, and mine. Is it terrible that so many people are ignorant and continue to buy into speciesism and exploit animals? Yes, it is. Do these people deserve the violence that Mr. Yourofsky wishes upon them? No, they damn well don’t. Do you really want your mom or dad to suffer the things that Mr. Yourofsky wishes on non-vegans? (And he’s very creative in his wishes—-in one interview, Yourofsky talks about wanting to cut off a man’s genitals and feed them to him, then stick skewers in the man’s eyeballs and drag him off somewhere—the level of detail…

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