Christianity and Vegetarianism

It is a well-known fact that multiple groups of people choose to live a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle purely for religious reasons. In Jainism, vegetarianism is mandatory for everyone and in Hinduism it is advocated in many influential scriptures-yet veganism and vegetarianism is not usually connected with Christianity. I believe that veganism and vegetarianism should… Continue reading Christianity and Vegetarianism

What you need to know about ISIS

What is the history behind the background and the formation of ISIS? ISIS stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, sometimes known as ISIL. The group originated from Jama’at al Tawhid wal-Jiah in 1999 and was renamed Tanzim Qaidat al-Jihad Fi Bilad al-Rafidayn but more commonly known as Al Qaeda in 2004. The… Continue reading What you need to know about ISIS

The Jonestown Massacre: More to the Story

On November 18th 1978, 918 people died in Guyana in what was deemed as a mass suicide. The Jonestown Massacre was considered the most deadly single non-natural disaster in U.S history up until 9/11. The victims were members of the Peoples Temple, led by Jim Jones, and were a radically integrated group whose ideologies were… Continue reading The Jonestown Massacre: More to the Story